Another Windows 10 update due October 17

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For those that need to watch usage closely:

Windows fans, mark your calendars. The next major update to Windows 10 will be available to download on October 17, a little later than expected.
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Posted 3 years ago

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That's the Creator's Update. You can get it now, if you want to.

Might be a good idea if you have data left near the end of the month or, are up late one night and, have a free zone on your plan. Or if you just want it now. it's about 5 GB, if Windows 10 is otherwise up to date, if not, it will have to be up to date so, will be a larger download.
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Bev, are you saying that this ONE update is going to be a full five gigs!?! or did you leave out a . before the 5?
If so we are going to have customers blowing up our phone at the store with "where did my data go?" calls.

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Nope, it's 5 GB.  The last update came out at the start of August, and was about the same.

Let's just say I have this link on a sticky note on my screen....
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Yep, that Creator's update is 5 GB. I already did it, a couple of months ago. Yes brace for the  "Where did my data go?!" blow up - Windows 10 is going to eat it come October. 

I assume people that do it early will know it's 5GB, or more if they have not updated to this point and, not complain about data usage with it.

On the plus side, it does add the ability to set a hard wired (Ethernet cable) connection as metered. On the downside, even set to metered, wifi or wired, Windows 10 will download what Microsoft calls Critical Updates regardless. No way to turn off all updates on windows 10 except by using registry edits - no user friendly means of doing it.

It will also enable OneDrive (Microsoft Cloud) automatically upon update completion, so, we have to disable that thing again. It will turn Live Tiles back on in the start menu randomly. (Not all of them but, most things that came preinstalled will have live tiles on again - gotta turn those off.

Yep,"Where did my data go?" blow up will be coming, and running for a while until we get the monsters all back in their cages again after this one and, anyone with Windows 10 will be using a bit more data, it will check for updated daily and, will download critical updates automatically for most users, no mater what they do. (Registry edits aren't something everyone is willing to do.)

3D Pain is cool, and, I do like the ability to meter a wired connection, Windows Mail works better for an email client (yep, that's built in too.)

In short, get it, check ALL settings, get usage under control again, go enjoy the improved and new features, brace for a round of blaming it for eating everyone's data. :P