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I am really getting annoyed at why the hell I cannot see my detailed DATA usage as already reached 10GB DATA CAP in 15 days.  I have locked down my router and see no unknowns the smartphones barely use the 2gb data cap on the 4G network per month and the wireless printer using nothing.  I have NetGear Genie and looked at the upload/download while 
playing games on Facebook and barely any usage on those.  We update the 
laptops and smartphone/tablet apps between 12-5AM is that not working 
correctly and taking away from our DATA???  If Hughesnet can track the 
data and give you details then why can't you?  I was at 70% usage a few 
days ago and poof all gone and I want to know where it is disappearing 
too!!!  Running Win7 and Win 8; netgear router with firmware updated and samsung galaxy phones and tablets and 1 wireless all in one printer!
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Hello THineline315, I understand it can be frustrating not being able to see your data usage. I would like to review your account status and review your daily usage consumption as of this month and pinpoint exactly where your data is being used.  Please shoot me an email at and reference this conversation thank you. -Exede Lindsey  
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My husband is an exede tech. We just had this problem cuz we just got our service and used 20 g in 24 hours and my husband was at work all day n I was gone too so not sure what happened. We upgraded to the biggest plan n same thing. Finally figured out if you use netflix go to account settings and make sure you click on a lower pixel. we adjusted that which was on auto n we set to low and didnt even use a whole g watching netflix for a few hrs today. I would try that if u use netflix that is a major issue you can easily fix. Cuz if u run HD on Netflix you use 3 g an hour!
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We experienced the same thing after having no data usage problems for almost 2 years.  We went round and round with Exede without any resolution.  In the midst of all of that AT&T Uverse became available to us so we ended up doing that.  Shipped back our equipment yesterday.AT&T made it really easy.  You should look around for another provider.  We were limited because of our location.  Good luck to you.
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They will tell you the exact same thing they told me.. it's a canned response. They act like they are looking at YOUR usage... but it's a canned response. No you cannot watch a youtube video.. no you cannot stream a movie (which I've never done EVER IN MY LIFE) no you cannot get on facebook... no you cannot get photos sent to your email nor email photos no matter how small kbs you resize those photos to. etc etc etc.. My data is gone in 15 days.. 15 days from my due date.. I am always buying more data. It ticks me off that people on here are watching videos, streaming T.V. thru various devices (stuff I don't even attempt)...don't even care about streaming TV .. but would like to watch the occasional youtube 2 or 3 minute vid clip.. but I know if I even do that I am done for for the rest of the month. It ticks me off that people compain they can't stream TV.. are you kidding me? I can't even email a photo...
  I think I have a bad sector of their satellite stream or something... but I can't get anyone to help with that issue.  I just had to buy another gig to be able to use gmail.. 
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My husband is a tech and has seen this happen alot depending on who did your install. If the coax cable isnt at least 20 feet long into you home from dish that may be an issue also running too much energy n causing your data issue. I would reauest a tech come out n see whats going on. We just changed our netflix settings to a low pixel and now we barely used any data today watching Netflix.
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Facebook does if you don't have the auto play turned off.
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Larry, I can take a look and discuss your usage in more detail with you. Please send me an email at with your account and contact information and I will take a look. Please reference this post in your email.
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Jamie, we report your usage as accurately as possible and are not attempting to hide anything from you. Please send me an email at with your account information and I will be happy to discuss your usage with you.
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Me too
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I have had the same problem with running out of data before my month was up & I never went over my data on any plan I was on with 2 other providers. This started the first month I changed to this co. I'm not a movie streamer or big you tube watcher either. I also lose my connection in the evening & it won't connect again right away. I can't wait until my contract is up.

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