An Unexpected Viasat Hook

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I was considering changing from Viasat to fixed wireless, which is a recent new option for me.
However, I think I will stay with Viasat.
I erroneously thought I would not be penalized for leaving Viasat because I have been with Viasat/Exede/WildBlue for more than a decade. My monthly statement never included a lease fee because I paid an upfront lump sum equipment fee of $300 in the beginning.
It turns out Viasat says I did not purchase my equipment. The Viasat User Agreement states that people who purchased their equipment do not need to return it if they cancel. Viasat says my $300 upfront fee was a lifetime prepaid lease fee! I am not willing to challenge this determination although I think most people would consider the $300 fee to be to purchase equipment.
I am now in my mid-70's and physically going downhill so I am not willing to climb on my roof to retrieve equipment. I also have Viasat's Easy Care, but Viasat says my East Care does not cover equipment removal. So, if I do not return the equipment, Viasat will charge me an additional $300 for the equipment that I already paid $300 for!
Did I make a deal with the devil?
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Posted 4 months ago

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If you can get fixed wireless, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity.  Internet is like night and day.

Maybe you can get a friend or neighbor to take it down for you M.E.M. 

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Bob Lexus

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Two comments;

There was only a brief time that WildBlue SOLD the hardware
Exede & Viasat have never sold hardware.
The $300 lifetime lease fee prepay is a good deal for those who anticipate keeping their service beyond 30 months.

If the wifi service is from a local WISP, they will need to install a device, probably on your roof, to receive their signal - you could ask the tech to retrieve the TRIA for you, won't take 2 minutes.
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The tria was retrieved by the people that installed my fixed wireless. Yes its a 2 minute job since they're on the roof already.
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Like ExSat and Bob said, just hire someone locally or ask a friend to get the tria for you. If I had the chance to get fixed wireless I would jump on it in a heartbeat.
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Can't you just return the modem, its adapter and cord and only get charged half the $300 and only lose out on $150? I think people that Viasat claimed only returned one or the other, tria or modem got charged $150. The criminal part is when I stopped service the last tech said my tria was obsolete, yet Viasat insisted on me returning it when I told them what the tech said. I too didn't want to risk climbing on a roof. Another thanks for being a long term customer. Strangely around me a see lots of abandoned Hughesnet dishes with trias still attached.

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Quite honestly, if money isn’t too tight, I’d burn $300 just to waive satellite internet goodbye. That said, almost any handyman would climb on a roof for much less than $300.

It’s a no brainer.
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I’d use that Easy Care to have a technician come out and “repair” any problems you are currently experiencing with Viasat before you cancel.
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Good idea! Pretty sure the tech would be happy to just be told immediately to pull the tria off the dish as they only get a flat fee + materials no matter how long they stay. What would that take in an average situation, a whole 15 minutes or less? That is the situation with the 3rd party techs arranged by Viasat. No idea what dealers do.