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I am wondering why every night around 11pm the internet goes out then gets slow, and when i call the woman just ends call when i tell her the problem, want me to tell about what i'm feeling and how i feel about this server, #1 i always get slow speeds during night, #2 some people don't care about others problems, #3 its severely slow during night downloads but fast during day downloads! And finally, #4 No one fixes it when i call!
Luckily i called a cable company and if i can get some people to call them, they might bring cable to us, and if or when they do i don't got to worry about having super slow speeds and being metered!
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Posted 5 years ago

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Well, Treasure, you are definitely not alone.  There has been a lot of discussion here about this problem with slowed speeds during much of the late night free zone, which I consistently hear described as a problem caused by "congestion"--when everyone and their brother jumps online to do downloads during free zone--and I think the overall data usage that is going on is going up and up..(people downloading tons of stuff, games etc)...
The part I am not sure about is where you said that your internet service first goes "out"? by which I think you may be saying that when the slow down first occurs, you lose connection, and then everything is slow after your reconnect?  I don't have the problem with any disconnections but my speeds are definitely much slower from 12-5a.
I  don't do much downloading--mostly what I am doing during free zone is setting up playlater to record some tv shows or a movie and maybe streaming some netflix shows if I am going to stay up late.  Since I keep my netflix and other similar settings to a low resolution, I don't experience any streaming problems even when the speed goes way down.  In fact the main reason I even know about the slowed speeds in LNFZ is because I have checked speeds on and off at different times of the day, and see a dramatic slowdown in numbers during LNFZ.
There is a new internet satellite going up next yr I have heard, and it is said this may help with the congestion problem.
But, if you can get access to cable, that may solve your problem sooner.
Best of luck.
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I would be on the phone and talking to my neighbors and the cable company to get them moving. Also be in touch with your local politicians because there are lots of grants to move the companies to provide HS internet in many areas. Exede cannot be considered as a HS internet service when compared to other forms of internet connections.
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In addition to Gary's recommendation, be sure to contact your local government to determine what their franchising agreements (requiring rights of way) dictate regarding providing internet/cable-tv service to residents. Typically, they must provide service based on a specified housing density per liner mile and/or distance from a main drop.

Unfortunately, none of them applied to my situation but YMMV and it's good to know your rights in advance when negotiating with them about cost to you in having them extend service. In my case it was "reasonable" all things considered, but couldn't get any of the six neighbors along the route to share the cost - one even came back a few months later and asked "so when are we getting cable?" - what's this we stuff, I asked.

P.S. In his case it came back to bite him, despite having a nice home/property, it sat empty on the real estate market for about a year and half - those interested ruled it out since there was no internet service (not even satellite due to line of sight issues) until someone came along for whom that wasn't a consideration. Just something to remember when twisting neighbors' arms - look at it as a home improvement ;)     
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Many of us here are here because we live in an abyss. Population density is an unrealistic measure for me because everywhere I look all around my property I am bordered by large tracts of State owned land as well as very large privately owned preserves where there are gorgeous homes but only weekend summertime retreats for the very wealthy. In some places there are absolutely no services at all including electricity because roads have been built but no electric poles from the utility companies have been installed. I have exactly 5 neighbors in 3 linear miles but only 3 are full time year round residents. I could venture a guess that for every human resident here there are 20 black bears and hundreds of deer. Just 5 miles up the road are all the services of the 21st century.
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Well like I have wrote before we have Casair internet tower just down the road. But I'm sticking with Exede because I have a feeling about what is going to happen. Every place we go in area's that don't carry charter,etc they are running there cable. Many places. Well remember when first went online by dial-up. That was so great. Unlimited data. Speed pretty good. But they were just small business starting out . When left the unlimited data was 6 hours a day and it was so slow couldn't do anything. I have a feeling Casair going to be same way. So far Exede has not got congested on the beam where I am--305. So hanging in there.

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