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it never fails a couple days before my internet is to reset i get a email telling me im at 70% on usage i have contacted these people several time about this they keep telling me it shows usage with is bull be cause we usally aint here during day about ready to go back to other sat provider in feb when contract is up
ive never had this problem with hughesnet . i cant even injoy surfing because of this . pretty bad wi
hen u half to use ur hot spot on phone to use my laptop to surf . even my parent have excede they get upo in middle of night to look at internet because they r told the same thing pretty bad when 70 yr old people have to do that 
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I get that every month. I know what my usage is so I just delete it. I just have 10 gigs but have never went over in over 2 years I have been with Exede. Maybe 3 times bought extra gig in the 2 years and then ended up with some meg bytes when they reset and strated new cycle.
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Hi Kimberly Day, I would be happy to take a look at your usage to see what is going on. Please send me an email to and I can get started! =) 
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Just a thought, have you bought any new devices lately?  Computer, tablet, etc.  We had an unexplained spike a few days ago and my husband checked our newer desktop computer we bought when the old one failed.  It is rarely on but had been on that weekend.  But to make a long story short, he discovered when I commented on the data spike that we had forgotten to set the updates to ask before downloading and installing and it had installed some updates automatically.  If we  hadn't caught this it could have chewed through quite a bit of our data when ever it was on doing updates.  Just something to double check.
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To Kimberly's comment I to, have that problem, and I use the off-hour times, it just seem too much usage for so little internet surfing?
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I have stopped my computer from updating unless it ask me first. Still I have a data usage that is through the roof ! What ? A little bible trivia and face book ? A download of a hidden object game ? no way Jose' !

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Facebook?  Yes way Jose!  Between the auto-play videos and the countless advertisements, plus the constant small page updates (your friend gave something a thumbs up?  that's a tick away of your data!), facebook is a data MONSTER.
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No. I check my usage  every time I come on and go off f.b.. I do not watch videos on u tube.. occasionally an f.b. video lasting a minute or two. In checking my usage before and after f.b. I use .1 or .2 GB that is to say a tenth or twentieth of a GB so I don't know where your getting your info. but not the case for me. thanks anyway..

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Checking your usage on the Exede page before and after using FB, or watching a clip may not be giving you the actual usage. The meter is not real time, it updates anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours according to Exede. 
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Steve is correct. The Exede usage meter is about as useful as the idiot lights on your car's dashboard in determining exactly where your usage is going and is not a real-time monitor. As he often recommends, install a traffic monitor. See:

Starring Matter is also correct but it's not limited simply to Facebook. Web site developers and designers care little how much of your data they are consuming (they're not paying for it), and again a real-time traffic monitor will allow you to isolate where you're data is going. Knowing that, there are some steps you can take to decrease your usage including ad blockers, flash blockers, turning off auto play for videos and/or preventing them from buffering (i.e. downloading in the background) despite appearances and not actually watching them. 

Barring that you can always email one of the Exede moderators as noted above (include your account info) and they can provide a general breakdown of where your data is going (as well as ensure you don't have an equipment malfunction). Most don't find that general breakdown sufficient but it's a start.   

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