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I had my internet installed two days ago, and since the moment it was installed it has sucked. I’ve never once pulled speeds of 12mps or anything close. It’s rarely anything over 2mps and the last two nights it’s been barely 1mps. I woke up today and it’s running at 0.10mps. This is bullshit. I paid for an internet to be able to use. I still have to use my phones data. I had it installed and it had said I already used 2gigs of my data plan when I hadn’t even been on it yet. This internet is shit. If I’d known this than I’d of gone the other way and paid the $180 to get cable WiFi like used to have. I’ve never experienced an internet this shitty. It’s only been 3 days since it’s been installed and I haven’t had a moment where I’ve been able to enjoy it!!!
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You should have went with the cable if it was available. Viasat plain and simply sucks. It's only good in the event you have no other options at all (and well it's not good then either but you lack options.)
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OH HOW I WISH I HAD THE CABLE OPTION!  And every one of you new customers they sucker in with their empty promises, makes my connection worse!

Good luck getting out of your contract.  Its pretty ironclad because they KNOW you arent gonna be happy!
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well... if ya look closely to the speed options... it DOES say UP TO  so therefore... they always say when you sign up... speeds are NOT guarenteed but are upto is it not that hard to find out??? i mean... its spring break for some schools... so that could be the problem so it could be the congestion onto you beam :/   BUT!!! satellite internet is ONLY for people who DO NOTREPEAT DO NOT have cable internet... sooo.... once question for ya... why did ya choose satellite internet IF you had cable internet??? kinda makes me wonder... hmmmm.... :/
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To save $10 a month. Some Facebook dealers are even giving out $20 Wal-Mart gift cards to new subscribers. I'm not kidding.
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Up to 12 mbps implies that you will get 12 mbps at some time, but usually around 8 or 9, maybe as low as 6 mbps. Getting .5 to 3 mbps 95% of the time is bull! Deception......
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I barely get 1Mbps these days. I'm having doubts whether keeping this service is even worth the cost.
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And apparently a bunch of shills!
There're shills here, too?  LOL. 
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Up to 12 mbps implies that you will get 12 mbps at some time
Actually, it implies that you may get 12Mbps, not that you will get 12Mbps.