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After one month my DATA USAGE was reset to 0, My monthly charge was as it should be.

I am still not sure of my SPEED UP & DOWN.  I get readings all over the place, Most are between 3 Mb and 16 MB for a 10 Mb plan.  I have gotten some as low as .5 MB.  I can make two or more SPEED TEST as quickly as I can and most of the time they wont even be close to each other.  I  really don't understand this.  I am still working on this.

I am still making DATA USAGE test.  After my initial usage report (which I though was very high)   the usage report seems close to what I think it should be.

How am I making the DATA USAGE TEST.  
I making the test by using my Verizon Internet connection.  I am doing it this way so that the Exede system will have no effect on the test. After I have tested via Verizon  I will repeat the test on Exede.

What I Believe I have found out In four days of testing.

If I connect my computer to the internet but no browser, I show no data usage.

If I connect my computer and browser (firefox)  to the internet but do not use the browser, I get a usage burst about every 60 seconds. of less than 1 KB (much less).  One thing that I believe I have found out is That FireFox does not call for data usage on it's own  That's if you have no POPUs.  Firefox used 96% of the data used during my four days of testing.

I have several programs that do not use a the browser. They are programs that I have to call up manually. With the except of AVG they have used less than 200 KB and most below 100 Kb.  AVG used about 5 MB.  I know that I do have programs that I can call up manually that would  probably use more data but I did not use them. 

Mainly I am trying to find out what programs are using my data and if it is being logged my Exede correctly.  When I check my DATA USAGE as reported my EXEDE it has been fairly close.  It is hard to tell as EXEDE only reports data usage in .1 GB

I am still making test,  If I find anything else I will try to report it.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hello Willy, Thank you for the update. Please let us know if you have further results.
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Hi Willy,
Your doing some serious tracking and all of it con help other forum members realize where the data is going.

Have you tried BitMeter OS? It is a free download and can be real handy monitoring each and every little bit that happens when you open a webpage, start a download, or view a YouTube video.

It does see your home network, if you have more than one computer running. This data back and forth is also monitored at the same time. The program will run in the background any time the computer starts up. You can get some very fine details from it in your web browser as you open a different page or any other online activity.

You can read about it here and the download button is on the left side "Download" on this page.

Hope it helps with your data monitoring, let us know the results.
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No I haven't but I'll give it a look.  I have been  looking for something that would give me a better look at what Firefox id doing.  So far I can't really tell what goes on inside of Firefox.

Thanks for the info.


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