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To the moderators, please don't resurrect my deleted account - it was intentional not accidental .

When things degrade to the point where threats of violence like a couple that have occurred over the past day, it's time for me to move on.

But everyone should take a deep breath...  
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Posted 10 months ago

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Sorry that was me! I thought I took you out when I got rid of a post (and user) earlier. Leaving you to your own devices now. Hopefully we'll see you in due time. I need to know more about the muscle cars and dogs! 
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Seriously, someone should get this story to a reporter somewhere!  People should be made aware of the depths that some companies will sink to! Looking at you, Viasat!!!!!
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The degradation Old Labs is referring to is the posts, not ViaSat's service.  
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Sorry to see you go, Old Labs.  I hope you decide to come back at some point.   
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Got mine running Gwen I am quite happy had a couple hiccups during 7pm to 8pm but tonight hubby had a big download so I jumped on viasat so it would load faster cause I was watching youtube and yes viasat was so slow from them slowing things down (first time its happened in years) that I gave up on you tube and pages kept timing out and I just got back on the hotspot to check email until hubbys download was done. This is not over  congestion as viasat states since my speed has never gotten like this,, not since wildblue days. We are hanging on to the Freedom plan for now and just going to downgrade my phone plan since I dont need the extra data on it so its just going to come out to about 25 extra a month having both. And if Viasat wants to force me out of the freedom plan I will just shut it down. No more one sided contracts 
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Personal foul! Failure to stay on topic. Loss of data, forfeiture of free zone and immediate de-prioritization.

Should have concluded with no more lonely nights, and then it would have been subject to review from the booth after a challenge on grounds that not a true Beatles lyric. Rule subject to change by the rules committee.

No call on Gwen for vague reference to Baby, You're a Rich Man and partial lyric while keeping both feet in bounds.

VeteranSatUser drawn off side - no foul.

Stephen Rice referred to concussion protocol, cleared to return.
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Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
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I am not sure if Stephen has ever been cleared of a concussion!
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Stephen, please report to the blue tent for further observation.