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I would never recommend this service to anyone. Their 10 gig data cap is ridiculous. My kids come over on the weekend and watch their minecraft videos and within hours my limit is reached. I called to cancel the service after a year of frustration once i realized another company offers DSL in my rural area. After a month from me canceling my service, i get billed for the service i thought i had disconnected. I called to find out what happened and was told they cannot cancel service for a future date. I had told them i needed it canceled 3 days after i called because Century link wouldnt show up until then. Come to find out i was suppose to call the DAY OF cancellation. So they refused to apply my $65 payment toward the cancellation fee because i didnt know i had to cancel the day of. So not only do i have to pay the cancellation fee i had to pay for a month of service i didnt have. Also, after i called to cancel my service the first time i disconnected the modem and satellite receiver, but somehow magically when i went online it said i used 6 gigs this month even though it wasnt freaking connected. I had 25 days of service left on the billing cycle, so i KNOW it wasnt from the previous months usage. So according to excede, in the last six days i used 6 gigs, even though i had physically disconnected the satellite a month prior.  So that tells me ViaSat is ripping off their customers. DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE. YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY
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  • ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 4 years ago

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That's awful!!  I have only been with Exede for about 9 months now and haven't had any problems (they are 100 times better than HughesNet).  I've been reading quite a few complaints posted and frankly, I'm getting nervous. Hope your issue gets resolved!!   and how in the world could you have used 6GB when EVERYTHING was disconnected? I'd like to hear their explanation., please.
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The modem was off and disconnected.  When viewing the usage meter there are words below it that read:

Your “Current Data Usage” is intended to be used as a guide to help you monitor your usage. It can take up to 24 hours to reflect updates. If your modem is currently offline, your “Current Data Usage” will not be updated.

Since the modem was disconnected there was no way for it to get updated.  If the system was left connected for about an hour or even less, it would have updated showing the true current usage. 
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Best thing you can do to prove that the data usage is on your side are unplug the network cable that is plugged into your Exede surfbeam modem. That way the modem stays online and updated but has nothing connected to it other then the dish its self. Give it a day or two and keep checking your usage from your phone and see if you usage meter changes each time you look at it.
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I shut down the power to my modem and internet box because I exceeded my usage and changed to the $129 plan AND had to get more gigs. So, im using my ATT through my phone until my cycle ends. Im disabled and the cost is just prohibitive on a fixed income. I moved to the country to get peace and serenity. I love my facebook etc, but if I take all these measures to use less gigs, it just seems ridiculous. I wanted to love Exceed, I really did. But just to live in tranquility is costing me money I can't afford to pay. I wonder if there is a disabled plan???
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I heard Exede was the BEST and FASTEST!!! BULL SH!*. I have been fighting with them. They treat me like I don't know what I am doing. I had Hughes Net for YEARS with only 5G of data allowance per month and maybe twice a year went over my allowance. I am doing the same dam thing with Exede and my 10G are used up within 2 weeks! Maybe they do that just so you can pay more for an updated plan. NOT IMPRESSED!!! They cost a lot more than they are worth.
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Like Craig said, the data usage does take up to 24 hours to report on your usage meters and when you unplug it and plug it back in, the modem will play catch up to report all the data properly. I'll like to help you with your bill request. If you email us at i'll be more than happy to assist
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yeah.... i'm with you. as soon as my contract expires, i'm going to choose having my eyes poked with a dull stick, rather than stay with excede.

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Exede really needs to start listening to their customers.. a lot of unhappy customers including me.  I've at the highest in my area @ @129. have 15 days left and have already used 80% of my usage and will have to use my ATT for a hotspot before the week ends... I'm on disability but they know they are the only one's that come out here so they got me right where they want me.. I need my internet and they know it.. I wished they would listen to their customers and go with unlimited like most other companies .
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Hello Elaine, 
unfortunately unlike Cable and DSL who can pump continuous data to customers we're limited to what the satellite can hold with bandwidth. It's definitely a limitation to the technology, but Cable and DSL on the flipside are very expensive to expand into rural areas and as a result aren't available nor willing to expand (even to pre-wire an office building with fiber optic cables from a city street can be a 6 figure cost job). We do anticipate that with ViaSat 2's launch next summer that we'll effectively increase our bandwidth and hopefully be able to offer higher data limits to our existing customers

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