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I am now active here again after a short self imposed hiatus...where is my fav Exede Elizabeth? She has a knack for answers in a way that calms me when my soapbox comes out...I have been reading and catching up on all the consumer complaints and praises which all appear to be much of the same...I really don't have to voice my concerns as much since i am now a month to month customer...and puts me at a slight advantage since it no longer gives Exede the dangling carrot of cancellation fee's as leverage to fall in line and bow my head...plus if i don't like the service or Exede's business practices i just recently within the last couple of months, have a new internet source i could turn to should i want to....Elizabeth, if you are still here, please chime in with a hello... I do see a lot of customers i could reply to and help with my 2 1/2 years relationship with Viasat, Inc as a customer, and i don't sugar coat anything. The first thing customers should understand is that when they enter into a contract with a corporation, its terms and conditions are almost always written in a way to protect and benefit the shareholders and its board members of whom are the number one priority of a corporation! "Minimization with maximum profits!" Viasat, Inc. is no different than any other corporation when it comes to that fine balance and ingenuity it takes to balance the forces of assets and liabilities...customer satisfaction and product quality. This just means you are a number to them and as a number, you are given a value and there goal is to retain you with as minimum a cost to them as possible without going past certain monetary thresholds...I don't know where i am going with this, seriously, but if you've read so far to this point then you will start to understand certain things, you have no power or leverage in negotiating your problems with a positive outcome for yourselves , until you have a proven value to them by paying your bill in a timely manner until the contract finishes and you are on a month to month bill with Viasat, Inc. Its like a ballroom dance you have to do for two years, then you get to eat caviar at the Kings table...! Hey, i don't like the fact that my little 10 gigs of data is gone within the first couple of days of getting through below normal internet consumer use. I don't like the fact that my internet is artificially slowed at certain times of the day and forces me to watch streamed music and movies after midnight causing me to wake up @ 100pm in the afternoon every other day! I don't like the fact that connectivity was and is a weekly issue...But if I want internet to connect with the world around me, it was either Viasat, Inc or Hughes, or some other low connect ISP which is artificially higher cost by *45% more than average ISP cost(*Forbes 3/2016) But once you do their dance it will get better....! This is just my thoughts alone and in no way should you let my mental issue be your only source for this, read about it yourselves and educate your self....thanks for reading. HI ELIZABETH!!!!!!
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I think most of the problem lies in the fact that people do not research what you can and can not do with satellite internet. Would you start a job without any idea what you have to do or get paid? Nope so when you have to pay a company each month for 2 yrs do a bit of research and see what your money is paying for/ We are a generation of instant gratification and what what we want right now and even knowing if you watch that night of netflix etc you do it and then are upset because you went over you usage and are getting slowed down.
Also as far as customer service goes I have had no difference in the way I was treated if I was under contract or not. At all times they have been helpful and very friendly. But people need to realize they are human also and if you are rude to them they are not going to spend their time making a call a few days later to see if things are fixed still. And yes I have had them call me and make sure that I had no more problems days later. Like I stated remember these are humans you are talking to they have feelings also.
Also if you are having down times that much its time to get someone out to align your dish right. I have been with Exede for 4 plus years and have only been down for about 2 times other then during severe storms. That is another thing your internet and speed are only as good as your install.