4.3 Gb in last 2 days

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According to Glasswire Microsoft used 4.3 Gb in last 2 days downloading and uploading data. Exede has to know this is happening and does nothing but is right there to sell a person more data. This is BS when we have to pay Exede to update an operating platform.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Good luck with them, My 10gb package lasts maybe 4 days. I did a test this month and turned everything off. Used it for Facebook maybe 2-3 times and it took 6 days to use up 10gb with nothing on. They have had every excuse in the world too. My suggestion is make sure to record every conversation with them for later use. I promise you, They will lie to you. Also, I have a couple attorney's looking over their contract compared to their sales people verbal agreements. Also looking at how data is used with Excede. Our plan is if we find wrongdoing, and we know we will, is to present it to KY Attorney General for possible litigation. Just my 2 cents worth.
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I refuse to purchase more internet, I inconvenience myself and use between midnight and 5 am, otherwise limp along with constricted use!
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I guess I learned my lesson, NOT!! 5 minutes after I posted the reply to this, I lost my internet. I still have my cell phone ... Exede
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This is what monopolies do. They lie, price gouge, advertise to obfuscate and otherwise maximize profits at the expense of the consumer because .... they can. Most of E's customers have no choice or they would run to any other company. If there was competition, either other companies or other technologies, Exede would modify its behavior or disappear, probably the latter. All 'Exede customer support' people to the contrary, the only point is to extract as much money with as little service as possible, including scam fees upon cancellation.

I have been a customer for five months and regret every minute. Once an alternative technology arrives in my area (next six months) I'm gone.

Good luck to you. 

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