30 gig used before noon on the 1st of month

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Data usage incorrect , there is no way we used 30 gig of data before noon on the 1st of month. We had this problem last month on the 3rd of month and got vague explanations on our usage. We use parental controls on our service to limit usage. Something else is going on , no way we used 30gig before noon on day 1 of the month!!
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Posted 4 years ago

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I had the same problem last month.  I had the 30gb Liberty Pass installed the 25th of November and billing started on the 28th.  I had burned thru 30gb before the 28th and it reset at no charge and then went thru another 30gb in 2 days with no video watching.  Called and the explanation was vague as to what was happening.  Online backup, web browsing, Facebook, etc.  Completed the next 27 days on the Liberty Pass mode, which was bearable.  Usually 5-6 down sometimes 10.

Renewed at midnight on December 28th and by 8:00am has used 7gb.  I said WTF?  I then remembered we gave our daughter a new iPhone for Christmas that just got setup and it was performing an initial iCloud backup of 25gb with photos.  Turned that off and have used 12gb since with normal backups on the other phones and computers.  Backups and OS updates use a lot of data that we don't think about.  With that being said, the Liberty Pass should still have a Free Zone for such operations even if it was throttled back to 1-5mbps.  That way we all could schedule data intensive tasks that really need to be performed and save the Priority Data for normal awake times.

Another feature would be to have a true Dashboard to see what's happening with your data usage, daily, weekly, monthly etc.  Where is it going and peak times, etc.  Cell phone companies do it, Exede could.

Overall, I'm happy with the service.  I did keep a DSL line (2.5/.4 is the top speed we can get) as backup and for online gaming.  But it is very painful when multiple devices are using.  It also came in handy when we got 9 inches of rain last weekend.  Exede was in and out for 2 days.
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I agree and I was just talking about the showing of usage. Like we can see on out phones what app used how much. I don't think that is impossible.
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they sucked me in att 49.00 A MONTH NOW AT 140. AND NOT DOING THE JOB
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Same here.
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Yup. My data is gone in 5 days this month and last. Doesn't make sense because 5 of us share 15g of data through Verizon Wireless for times when we aren't on WIFI. We never use more than 6g with 6 devices, so how do we use 19g in 5 days on WIFI? We work full time. We have one child at home and he goes to school.

Something is fishy and I don't believe it's just because we have iPhones.
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iPhones as well as most mobile devices will use more data over WIFI connections versus cellular connections - that design is intentional and operates under the faulty assumption that all WIFI connections are unmetered and offer unlimited data.

We know that's not the case with satellite internet; the result is an "enhanced experience" (read that as data intensive experience) at the expense of your Exede data plan despite wireless carriers misleading claims that you can save cellular data charges by using your WIFI connection.

You need to dig deep into your mobile device's or apps settings to determine whether there's an option to declare you're WIFI connection as metered. Perhaps another iPhone user has already discovered them here (sure just shift them to your other provider who may or may not meter).

For example, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (not typically mobile operating systems although Windows 10 is clearly heading in that direction), both allow setting your WIFI connection(s) as metered - this instructs the operating system and applications to be less aggressive in their data usage when on that connection.

Also consider looking at an iPhone app that monitors data usage - but select one that monitors both cellular and WIFI usage separately. It would appear that many authors of those fail to recognize that WIFI connections can also be metered and simply opt not to monitor WIFI activity. Data Monitor Pro seems to fit the bill there.

Despite efforts to make connection type information available to web site and application developers through various standards (recently HTML5), they all fail to recognize the simple fact that connection type has nothing whatsoever to do with whether it's metered or not and the only way to do that would be to allow users to declare that at either the operating system or application level (but then advertisers will get their shorts in a knot).
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Funny thing is that I can't tell the difference on Liberty pass. Slow is slow.
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Download Netbalancer, 
It allows for you to (with a click) to disable your PC's ability to access the internet, yes even the OS will be prevented from accessing the net, it also has the option to password protect the settings.
If you do this it will without drama tell you if it is on your end or Exede's.
But without a little digging it's all speculation.
I would download Malwarebytes Antimalware as well and let it scan your PC.
Both programs are free and have good reputations.

Netbalancer: https://netbalancer.com/
Malwarebytes: https://www.malwarebytes.org/

Notice that both links are to the publishers site and are secure (https) this is very important when downloading software.

Netbalancer will also keep record of used internet so if it is on your end you will know exactly what is using it.
PS if you are infected and need assistance (free) stop by a community that I am proud to be a member of that focuses on Security advising and Malware Removal located here: https://malwaretips.com/ we are very friendly and knowledgeable, many of the members are IT professionals and security enthusiasts that work in these fields and donate free time to helping. PeAcE

**Using adblock is outdated and not advisable (in my opinion) Adguard is system based and covers all major browsers and is a far more supreior and secure, found here: https://adguard.com

                                                                                      AKA: Lawrence Shimer
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Hi Rusty,

There's several things that can sneak up on a person and use their data. Some relatively recent examples include: IOS and Windows updates, Online backups, ect. 

I can look into this for you if you email us at exedelistens@viasat.com and we can maybe see what caused this to happen