2.5 Years No Problems Worth Mentioning

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I've been with Exede/Wildblue for 2.5 Years now, and not any problems of any significance worth mentioning. I'm posting this in Exede Internet Classic and Wildblue because I appear to be integrated to both somehow.  Maybe that was clear to me at one time but can't recall specifics now.  Minor knowledge base detail that does not affect my usage in anyway.  randy
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Good for you. I've been with EXEDE about the same amount of time and had no complaints until 6 or 8 months ago, I abruptly started getting notices I was near my cap of 10GB of data. I spoke with EXEDE, checked the areas suggested for unexpected data losses, made adjustments and next month, I hit my cap with 12 days left in the billing period. I am very conservative with my data usage. I don't stream music or movies. I like face book, so I turned off auto play on those little videos. If I have to step away from the computer, even to go to the rest room, I log off the internet. Still, EXEDE contends my data disappearances are due to my usage. For two years, I wasn't even aware I could reach the cap. The only changes I have made are to conserve data, and, yet, every month, I still run out long before the end of the billing cycle.

I bought my first PC in 1996. While I am no expert, neither am I a dummy, just learning how to get online.

I am disabled, live on social security, money is tight. I can't afford to upgrade. I live alone, out in the country, with no friends or relatives, Facebook is my only contact with people in the world. If EXEDE continues to calculate my data in the same manner, I will not be able to afford the luxury of the internet.

My disability is a severe mental disorder. Because of the disorder, I no longer watch television, read books, listen to music, and I have stopped playing guitar. I played solo gigs for over 35 years, but like too many other aspects of my life, it just fell away.

Compounding the situation, I've had 3 major surgeries in 2 years with major complications with the first and third surgeries. I have not recovered from either of those surgeries.

Sorry to rattle on. I rarely have someone to talk to you.

Good luck with EXEDE as you ISP.

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No problem with unusual/mysterious data usage here.  Central U.S.  I do know that some web sites can be doing stuff that you do not realize their doing that involves our modem inloading data.

On  Mac you can  use Activity Monitor app--- found in Utilities folder ---to see you real time data flow in  I keep in right corner so that I can see just the green outgoing data flow speeds of bytes, KB and Mb.

On a PC I inloaded   the app Netspeed Monitor and that sits in my task bar so I can glance at it easily at any time.

Of course if your not monitoring then you cant know, unless you go to logs later on and that is hard to decipher---best left to professionals :--) ---so, as you say you do, dissconnecting from the net is the only way to be sure browser is not doing stuff behind you back, when away from computer.

I dont know alot about Facebook as I do not use it.  From what Ive seen, it appears to me to have a lot of ways of using a lot of data, before you might know it.  I dunno, for sure, as again, I do not use Facebook.

Where I' located we have only two alternatives too a dish internet service, verison and local company that uses towers so similar to Verizon in that way.

Those here who use Verizon have had ups and downs experiences.

The one issue for some who want use satelite service for a business is lag times if remotely too far away from there business activities, or so Ive heard.

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Hi Randy, thanks for your post (: So nice to hear you're a happy customer and are enjoying your Exede service. If you ever need anything, just send us an email and we will be there to help. Feel free to send us an email to exedelistens@viasat.com with you  contact information; we would like to send you a little something as a thank you.  

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