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No way I used 18gb in seven days. Please someone check this out. This use to be a good company. What happen?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Many things may have happened, including updates, backup to a remote backup service, a TV receiver connected, Lack of a blocker that blocks ALL advertisements and, auto loading videos, someone else using your wifi.

This forum is not linked to your account, we cant see what used your data or, for what purpose but, if you send an email to and request a usage review, they will be able to tell you what used your data and, when.
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I cancelled yesterday. There seemed to be a lot of wasted data. I had my wifi running in the same things I had the satellite running and did not used 6 GB in 15 days. 12 GB was gone by the 2nd day with Excede.  I had to turn everything off when not in use with Excede or i would use up large amounts of data. I do not get noticeable standby usage while on the MIFi. I got unlimited data on 22 Gb of shared data on each cell phone. A much better bargain and the only person in the house that has used up 22 GB in a month is my son. 
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MiFi is different than WiFi, most mobile devices are designed to use less data by default on MiFi (or cellular data) than when on Wifi - a mobile hotspot (MiFi) provided by your cell carrier intentionally uses less data with its own devices.

This is why the only suggestion you really get on how to use less cellular data is to utilize Wifi when possible - when on WiFi, they think erroneously think its "unlimited".

If you only use mobile devices, a mobile hotspot (MiFi) is probably a better option than Exede with the so called "unlimited" cell plans   - but does little good if you can't get a good cell signal. Even then results may vary depending on the device vendors involved and whether a distinction can be made between Wifi and MiFi.

On WiFi however, yes there can be a significant amount of wasted data on any device unless you take concrete steps to minimize it. For example, it's the reason Windows 10 and others allow you to declare that your WiFi connection is metered (to minimize unwanted data usage). Android also allows specifying that WiFi connections should be treated as MiFi:

Apple remains tone deaf at last check.
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Signal is very important. I am fortunate that there is a tower less than 2000 ft from my home. A lot of data is lost with a bad signal it does not matter if it is satellite or cellular. If you have to keep reloading or the pages spin for a long time that takes up a lot of data. Reducing background apps to a minimum can save data and also speed up the computer being used. 

I will admit I had to relearn how to use my internet when I lost my DSL do to bad lines. That was the reason I ended up on satellite. It was also before the unlimited plans on cellular were more cost effective. I was used to just leaving everything running. Now i control when updates come. I wait until close to the reset date and do the heavy data drawing updates and downloads. It was a hard learning curve. 22 GB of High Speed share  Data on each of the houses 3 phones and a Mifi is more than enough for me. Does nothing for my son because he uses Skype, YouTube and downloads games for his Play Station. He is up top 300 GB this month and still has 7 Days left before reset. The good thing is his data use does not affect mine and there are no overage fees. 
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Hello Patricia,  Please provide us with your account and contact information by sending an email to We'd be happy to look over your account and check the data usage.
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I wish I only used 18gb in seven days...Some how while only browsing the internet I used 48 gb in 3 is that even possible.  150gb max reached in 12 days....So sick of exede..and the rep who was more than nice offered that they now have an unlimited plan for the low cost of $150 per month.  I already have 150 gb which at one time was more than enough...sure wish I knew how all this data was being used.  hopeful for another internet option.
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Please read my response in another post from this morning, here:
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gimmick to sell you "unlimited" that is not truly unlimited
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I checked my account today and was absolutely shocked that the usage meter read 65%, (39.9gb) used of your 60gb allowance, billing cycle restarted on the 20th - 3 days ago; there is absolutely NO WAY this was on my end!! I have been with Exede since 2013 and this has NEVER happened, there have been no changes with how I use data. I chatted on messenger with 2 agents at two separate times, no resolve, it was suggested I call and I did, still with no resolve..3 agents couldn't help. Partly due to an outage causing them to not be able to pull a usage categories report. Btw one agent was able to tell that on 12/21 I used 24.78 gigs between 2:30am and's the ludicrous free zone is from midnight to 5:00am, my comment to the agent was, so you're telling me I used 24.78gigs within 3 hours since 2:30 to 5:00 was free time????? What's going on Viasat??
I will say all three agents were really nice but still nothing has been resolved yet. Booooooooo!!
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Do yourself a favor and monitor your own data usage - easiest way to monitor this would be on your own router. All the devices on your network connect to the Internet through your router, so this is the single point where bandwidth usage and data transfers can be monitored and logged.

That's the only way you can verify or disprove the Viasat usage claim.   

There are any number of commercially available routers having this capability (and no the Exede WiFi modem/router is not one of them) - it's a matter of how much you want to spend - more $$$ mean more functionality. The added cost is worth the extra peace of mind in dealing with usage insanity. At the same time I get some added features with mine such as a download manager/scheduler on the router itself without needing any clients(s) connected  network backup and shared drives accross all devices, etc. Personally I prefer Asus routers having the Traffic Analyzer feature and not simply the Traffic Monitor feature (but some lower priced models can be upgraded with open source firmware to activate the Traffic Analyzer if not available):


There are other brand choices that offer this capability (Netgear comes to mind).

My router's statistics have always been consistent with Viasat's usage but your mileage may vary of course. At the same time, the statistics help isolating exactly what is using excessive data and make adjustments or minimize that excessive use; that has led to some surprising (sometimes shocking) culprits that have been using my data without my knowledge in the past. 

For me it's become a matter of trusting Viasat's usage but verifying when things appear to be inconsistent; at the same time I'll have some hard evidence available to support my claims when there is something inconsistent - rather than simply saying there's no way (only once in 5+ years has that happened for me). Regardless I'm not going to rely upon the fox guarding the hen house for an accurate egg or hen count.

But the plain truth of the matter is Viasat really only has access to metadata to determine how you use your data and is guessing when it comes to the categories they identify - they can only accurately tell you how much data is being used and when (and even the latter is suspect considering the delayed reporting of usage statistics that occurs).

Monitoring at the router allows identifying which devices are connecting and how/where each is using data as a starting point - but going beyond that requires installing a traffic monitor on each device to really dig down deep and determine which applications and processes are actually triggering that data usage. For the most part, my own independent usage montioring is greater than that reported by Viasat.
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I second the Asus router traffic functions. Removes all doubt about how data is being used.
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I agree also, my ASUS router always gives me how and where every bit of my data is used.The Viasat meter is always very close to what my router reports.

BTW, my three computers received Windows 10 updates this past week, each one was 5.7 GB, but my router showed each of those updates without fail.