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I have the Freedom Plan with 150 gb. Can someone tell me what you can do with 150 gb per month before you exceed your data?
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Posted 1 year ago

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Is this a trick question?

Watch 30 to 40 of HD streaming content ought to do it.

Or download about three games from Steam.
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Thanks. I ask because my data has already hit 150 this month and I’m still 11 days away from my next data reset. This has never happened before and we haven’t been doing anything different in terms of usage. We’re definitely not streaming that much, nor do we download games. As a matter of fact, if I decide to stream on my phone, I usually turn off WiFi on the phone because my Verizon unlimited data streams better (which is another issue in itself. Shouldn’t have to disconnect from WiFi in order to get good quality steaming). So just trying to get an idea of what 150 gb is capable of.
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Maybe your computer(s) downloaded some updates.  I have updates turn off on both of my computers yet Chrome and Adobe Acrobat automatically updated to newer versions on my work laptop.   There is no telling what else updated on that computer without my knowledge as well.
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Do you have a gaming console or a satellite TV receiver connected to ViaSat?  I ask about the console because, though you mentioned that you don't download games, consoles can still do things on their own if you have one connected.  

Might a PC have tried to download the Windows 10 1809 upgrade (now temporarily removed), but had a spotty WiFi connection at the time?  
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The console has to be in rest or on to do an update.
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If I recall correctly, you can set the Xbox One to instant on, which allows it to download updates when "off".  I don't know if there's an equivalent setting for the Playstation, I'd be surprised if there wasn't.

After typing this, I realized that's probably the same thing as the rest mode you mentioned, yourguytim!
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I have the Freedom plan and am able to keep 2 desktops and 2 laptops updated on Windows 10 and have never even come close to 150GB. My suspicion is that Sydney has a satellite receiver connected to Viasat or someone in the house is downloading games or 1080p/4K movies.
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Now your question makes more sense! What the others have said above.

As far as why streaming works better with your phone, mine does too, at least during primetime. Low latency and 4G can out perform Viasat internet if you are running below 1Mbps or have the video resolution restrictor in place.
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I have Freedom. I stream everything in standard quality and use Netflix disc by mail for blurays. We watch a lot of Netflix.
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Thanks everyone for the input. We don’t have any PC’s or gaming systems connected to the internet. We do have a Roku and Amazon Fire Stick. Would that be the equivalent of a satellite receiver?
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No. But if you are streaming a lot through Roku or the Fire Stick that will eat a lot of data. 2 hours of HD video would he around 8GB.
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Sydney, If you have a Roku connected to your  network, make sure that when you are finished watching a program or movie that you hit the "Home" button when you are finished watching something on your Roku. If you do not hit "Home", the Roku will continue to stream, and use your data even if you have turned your TV to another channel.
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We had a weird glitch last month. 3 or 4 days in we had already used 50 gig. Not sure why. Still made it through the month and I stream a ton at 480. We rarely run out unless I'm home sick or take a long Netflix weekend.

I stream 3-6 hours most nights and still have plenty. My kid Skype and plays Guild wars constantly.

150 gigs should be plenty for most things. However, one game does nuke it quickly.