What will data plans look like with ViaSat-2?

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I'm going to assume this is going to be AKA:  150 GBs (DSL cap) , or 250 GBs at the most (cable cap) ?

However, I would settle for Liberty Pass with LNFZ.  Anyone that does anything online needs a LNFZ (without the real data caps(150/250 GB), because at 1 Mbps downloading all day and then even one person trying to web surf, much less 2 or 3 , is going to be slow as cold honey after you instantly blow past tiny little 12, 18, etc GBs.
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Posted 4 years ago

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With ViaSat-2, we're really looking at plans that will seem virtually uncapped for most users. In other words, there will be plans with enough data that the typical user won't have to think about it, and the whole notion of being put in restricted mode if you go over will become largely a thing of the past. You won't want or need a Free Zone. We're also looking at speeds on ViaSat-1 of up to 100 Mbps download, which is pretty extraordinary when you think that our original WildBlue service, launched only a decade ago, started at 1.5 Mbps. The plans for our future go beyond this, with ViaSat-3 and subsequent satellites already in planning mode. You can learn a little more about the cool stuff ahead in this news story based on our latest earnings report and comments from our CEO.
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Pageplus allows unlimited data on $39.99 plans and uses the Verizon network.  However, I'm going to assume Verizon , blocks the tethering.

edit: maybe someone has got tethering to work on official pageplus phones? not sure.

I don't know about Straight Talk , if it allows tethering.  Straight talk sometimes doesn't use the Verizon network though.
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well I must say Im On The freedom Plan and I noticed over the past week my downloads speeds have been up to 21mbps even during peak hours! Like right now its 8:11 pm EST and my download speed is 17.99mbps! I would love to see 100MBPS speed in the future!
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Regardless of whether tethering is possible, beware the asterisk on unlimited* 4G data plans - the asterisk usually reads: First x GB at 4G speed the 2G, where x can be as low as 1GB. If you don't like the Liberty Plan model, you'll hate those 4G plans.

However, the more speed the better - as long as it doesn't get burned up on re-entry to earth's atmosphere ;) At 100 mbps, all those complaints that about being 3 days into a cycle and dapped simply become "I'm less than a 1/2 day into my cycle and dapped."      

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I know a couple of people with the unlimited data plans, though I don't recall what company, and they did say that tethering was not included which of course makes the unlimited data less useful.  We got the double data on Verizon deal last year so have 30 GB available but don't need it as much as we did before Liberty came into play.   Yet we don't really save anything now by cutting back so just hang on to it for now and I do use it when I have extra to reserve my "priority" data on Exede and admit I have started to use it more and more to listen to streams while driving as does our son.  You get addicted to stuff like that really quickly.
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