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Customer service
Please be sure this email reaches the appropriate persons in-charge of your bad excuse of customer service!!!We have been with y'all for ...
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Great Service
Why is your service so unreasonably priced? Why does your service suck? How do you look yourself in the mirror the way you rip people off...
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New data rules coming?
I was recently in CA and ran into a runner with an Exede T-Shirt.  He was one of the original Exede owners and told me, when I complained...
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Well Yipee Ky A Let there be cable!
Cable has arrived!  I am so excited.  I am able to get cable internet now, no data limits, no contracts, acceptable speed (for me) all fo...
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data meter issue
Data meter shows incredibly high usage over the past week. I received a 70% warning mail on Monday morning and was at 14.8 GB by that ev...
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