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iMessage strangeness
Anyone have any issues sending Apple iMessages from an iPhone/iPad using Viasat? For a few weeks now, I fairly often have iMessages that...
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Ipad app store?
Cannot access app store on my ipad when dapped. Only works during LNFZ. Is this the norm? I cant even view, much less download anything.
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Data Usage WRONG
What is going on with Viasat??  Over the last several months it is tagging our usage as triple or more than it used to - maxing us out da...
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Super Slow Speed
 What is going on with the SLOW speed. I know you state "up to" but come on a speed of under 2 in the evenings is unacceptable! If I call...
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Viasat 2 modem issue
Someone mentioned a couple weeks ago that their modem wasn't recovering properly when it lost signal due to bad weather.  I have now star...
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Low DL Speeds
I have been a long-term VS1 customer. It worked OK. Switched to VS2 and now I'm under 2 MB at all times except if I get up at 4 AM to 6 A...
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