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contract fraud
Class Action lawsuit against Viasat for contract fraud. Plainly states unlimited to 150gb and they may throttle after I go overI had the ...
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Modem ownership
After 3+ years of service,I continue to pay an equipment lease fee. Should there be a time when you finally own the modem?
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weird happening
Did someone screw up? A few nights ago, during prime time, there was a brief, wonderful happening. I'd click on a link and... BANG, the ...
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Buy stock in Viasat
Now that Net Neutrality is dissolved...                                                                                            There ...
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net neutrality
What is ViaSat's position on net neutrality?  If the FCC votes to abandon net neutrality, will ViaSat self-impose its own standards to en...
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Earnings call
Subscriber growth remains stagnant at around 586,000 subs as they increased revenues by 7% as they got more of you to buy more expensive ...
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