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New Beams Opening!
Hello Everyone! As most of you may already be aware, ViaSat-2 has been slowly releasing in new areas for the better part of the last m...
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My first VS2 issue. . .
I have encountered my first issue. And it happens every single time without fail. If signal is lost to a storm, the modem successfully...
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Viasat2 Question
Im considering getting 100mbps plan with a datacap of 150! so my question is if I get put behind others during congestion does that mean ...
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VS2 Installed today!
My VS2 high density beam install is done! I was given VIP status which I’m told is typically reserved for employees. Basically there were...
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Instagram Question
First things first. Internet works, it works just fine. Everything plays full speed Netflix, YouTube, Facebook videos. However when I...
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