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Deceptive Advertising?
So you think Viasat is unique in its deceptive advertising? Or you think advertising ethics have gotten worse over time. Well, think agai...
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I was told on September the 28th Exede will be offering Unlimited in my area on beam 329 we just got the Freedom 150gb a month back is th...
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Installation scam...   Installer arrived and told me wall mount would not work.  He stated that it required a pole mount installation.  T...
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Billing and Plan Changes
Hey I have a major problem with my bill, I had a plan change without my consent and also someone added phone to my account without my con...
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Data Usage WRONG
What is going on with Viasat??  Over the last several months it is tagging our usage as triple or more than it used to - maxing us out da...
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poor signal
i used to ping and get 20-44 Mbps speeds now i ping and can only get 1-4Mbps and it keeps dropping signal they seem to be using nothing b...
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