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@ ViaSat Inc.
I expect to get what I pay for. I'm a pissed-off California consumer.  We sue companies here, a lot, and we win. We are known around the ...
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anonymous proxy?
Just started getting told on websites that I am behind an anonymous proxy. It happens when using the home internet but not the data on my...
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Data Usage Statistics
Today I had a fairly frustrating experience during a 40 minute conversation with ViaSat technical support attempting to get detailed info...
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I am currently on the Freedom 150 plan with 12 Mbps. I rarely get about 1Mbps. My only plan options are to switch to Liberty 25 or Libert...
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Outside dish
My outside dish is making a constant loud buzzing, has anyone had this issue? How did you resolve it if so?
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New idea for Viasat!
It was pointed out to me that if Viasat can convince me to give up my 30Mbps 150GB Gold Unlimited Plan and go back to the 12Mbps Liberty ...
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