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I'm confused
People have been coming here for a long time saying Viasat sucks,  its slow, its a rip off, scam, etc... Viasat changed the wording to t...
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contract fraud
Class Action lawsuit against Viasat for contract fraud. Plainly states unlimited to 150gb and they may throttle after I go overI had the ...
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Data review
I clicked on your link to review my last 6 months of data usage and had another tab open up with no information, nothing at all and label...
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Router died
Looks like I'll be buying a Netgear router. Are there any pitfalls awaiting this router idiot, or are the setup instructions all pretty s...
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I have viasat excede the unlimited bronze 12 package and having trouble with everything on my desk top only. The other tablets phones an...
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Buy stock in Viasat
Now that Net Neutrality is dissolved...                                                                                            There ...
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