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Finally Cancelled
Well after 15 months of the most HORRIBLE Internet service i'm outta here $133 a month for internet that was equivalent to dial up connec...
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please help
I have my billl automatically withdrawn from my acct monthly so therefore I didn't keep up with my acct number and I want to be able to a...
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Pretty happy thus far
I am a new customer still in my first month of service. I came to Viasat from a very poor DSL system that ran 3 Mb/s down on a good day ...
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How does conjestion work?.
I’ve gotten 1 story on how conjestion works. It was that the people not on priority are given slower internet so that people on priority ...
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bad service
I had service 2/3 months then receiver stopped working about that time I was moving and my new landloard did not allow the dish on the ho...
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