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EasyCare decision
I am nearing the end of my 3 months of free EasyCare and considering whether to keep or cancel. I read the service agreement again and i...
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Super Slow Speed
 What is going on with the SLOW speed. I know you state "up to" but come on a speed of under 2 in the evenings is unacceptable! If I call...
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Just need the truth
Want to cut through all the clutter, ad hype, free this, unlimited that, unrealistic speed claims, never ending data problems. Ok,...
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I had my internet installed two days ago, and since the moment it was installed it has sucked. I’ve never once pulled speeds of 12mps or ...
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Different router improved wifi
I have the modem/router combo provided by Exede that is a couple of years old. Recently the wifi performance has been plagued with slow s...
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