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Internet Hacking
I am pretty sure that my computer has been hacked by someone possibly from India that called over two years ago telling me that my comput...
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Excessive data loss
It seems that no matter what efforts my husband and I go to we are constantly losing data amounts. It would make sense if we still had c...
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OMG!  I was just told by a customer service rep that he was not going to DEBATE with me wether or not I paid my bill and what my thoughts...
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Photo of Simon
Data disappearing
I have a 15GB plan which gets eaten up within half a month regularly. Two users, no streaming videos (perhaps 10 min of youtbe video on l...
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Photo of CyberGhosT
My first 2 weeks with Exede
I admit, I am one of those people who do my (online) homework, and when it came to researching for my next ISP Exede was my only option. ...
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Photo of Roger A Snell
Trouble with Free Zone
Using 1 GB per day when all devices are off (airplane mode) and only using during free zone. I even pay $140 per month to get the extra b...
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