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Viasat 2 Latency
When Viasat 2 is up and running for use, will the latency times be improved any? I’m guessing no because the satellite is still a satelli...
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Removing equipment
I have to remove the equipment from my roof that you installed????? Wtf???!!!!!! I cannot wait to cancel this horrible service, but for y...
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Should I switch
Hello all, Here is my problem. The only internet I have available is 1.5 mbps DSL service from AT&T. Now, I stumbled upon Exede's we...
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Lies from the start
Looking online for news regarding all the issues of VS2, especially after the unlimited plans have been terminated and many areas have st...
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I only needed internet for my online classes and I am now done with all my online classes. This means I do not need the internet anymore ...
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