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Slow service
I wish I could. As a whole, this is the worst internet service I have received since my dial up modem days. Much buffering and slowness, ...
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So Far Great Service
I have had Exede for 9 months now and the service has been great. I get speeds of 12 to 20 Mbps consistently. The only time I loose servi...
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Data Usage
I came on your site and I watched my data use go from 2.4 gb to 2.5 gb and I have not been on any other site since 6 am this morning. So,...
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Wireless connection
On 12-10-15, I had a problem with my internet service. After going over several items with your tech, it was determined that my router w...
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Timeline for system upgrades
Can exede provide a timeline for system upgrades that shows anticipated dates for changes/upgrades to be completed on a per-beam basis?  ...
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