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No contract
I signed no contract and they say I have one. My router hasn't worked since I got the service. On and off all the time Note: This conve...
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Outlook 2016 Downloading eMail Multiple Times
The February 16th update to Outlook can result in multiple downloads of the same email if set up as a POP3 account.  A MS solution is in ...
  • JEP, 4 years ago

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Unhappy with data usage
I'm really up set with your service I can't wait till my contract is up, when it is I'm dumping your service. I have been told by a perfe...
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After 1.5 yrs I am terminating exede. My husband and I are retired. I use an IPad to do my banking and read the news. NO streamin, Netfl...
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Need new modem
How can I get your new modem so that I can access the internet with my Kindle Fire HDX and the tv? I filled out your form but never heard...
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