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slow internet
I'm paying for exede12 but I'm lucky if I get 3mps no matter what time of day it is.ive unplugged the modem for up to 15 minutes at a tim...
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Need help with Windows
Someone a while back told us what to do to keep Windows 10 from popping up and trying to download. Well followed the rules and everything...
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Windows 10 Updates
Watch out for the November Updates to Windows 10 and Office 365 if you have them.  They are big ones.  Windows 10 update is about 3GB.  T...
  • JEP, 4 years ago

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Speed Tests
I just ran a speed test on my connection using my laptop (wifi) and desktop (ethernet) and the speed tests were as follows: 720ms thrupu...
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Happy with Exede
I'm sorry to see so many people posting how unhappy they are withe Exede. I know there must be many,many more people like me who are very...
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