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Can Viasat hide behind their subcontractors and claim immunity for what subcontractors do?
I have no axe to grind here, but I think Viasat customers should be aware of their rights. Some posters here would have people believe th...
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Got Viasat Platinum plan
Today I had my dealer came out and install new dish and modem had a little hiccup  but everything went smoothly. I went for the 100 Mbps ...
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How popular have the unlimited plans been?
Just wondering what the reception to the unlimited plans have been. I know when Freedom got offered they got scooped up pretty quick, bu...
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Give our new usage tool a test drive
Many subscribers have asked to have a tool that gives them more information about their account, particularly as it relates to data usag...
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How can you use data when you have no internet?
How can you go from 7.7 gigs to 7.9 and then to 8.3 when you were without internet most of the time, due to a storm? When I did have inte...
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warnings about reaching allowance limits
I know a way to not reach the end of my data allowance, by switching companies, I never had to pay as much for internet then with Exede, ...
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