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Liberty Pass Charges
So tell me if I understand right, the Liberty pass allows me to still use the Internet at a slower speed without charging any extra correct?
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Cable Resistance
3 weeks ago, I had a service call and, my cable to my dish was replaces. Now that's 35 FT of cable. At the time, I had the SB2 modem. Res...
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150GB plan?
I just checked today and exede now offers freedom plan in my are...150GB for 99.99 plus 10.00 if I want "up to 24Mbps" how can they offer...
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Waste of money
We are paying one hundred dollars for basically priority shit! We have roommate's one is a teenager and his mom is telling him to go to h...
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used GB
i just gotten my exede liberty 25GB on Thur. afternoon and than Fri. afternoon i have gotten an email saying that i have used it up alre...
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Over Data Splash Page.
    Issue and Suggestion:     When you go over your data limit, even if you ALREADY know you are over, Exede will randomly interrupts you...
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