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Internet down in NW Ohio
It looks like it is a large area. I wonder if a champion could respond as to what is going on? Thanks
  • Greg Ritz, 2 years ago

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480p video
Video "optimization"--I'm a prospective Exede customer, and I noticed video streaming is "optimized" at 480p. A competitor offers the sam...
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Exede speeds
I've been reading these forums for awhile, and they can give the impression that Exede is abysmally slow, has phantom data usage, etc.  I...
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150GB plan?
I just checked today and exede now offers freedom plan in my are...150GB for 99.99 plus 10.00 if I want "up to 24Mbps" how can they offer...
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Not happy
Hi.I am on day 2 and it says I have used 3.6 go already out of 12.I have used a tablet for about 30 min total.I have mostly used my cel...
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Slow speeds
Slow speeds...very very dissatisfied with this. Speeds up to 12 - 25 - what a joke. Am on the Liberty pass and and am only getting 0.25 ....
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