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slow internet speeds
I have been having slow internet speed for more than two weeks now and finally got tired of it and talked to someone in customer care. T...
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Hoping for more data
I had l Wildblue before and was sort of happy with it, with a few reservations. Like why I was using my 15gb in 20 days when most of wha...
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Modem Update
Hi Everyone I still haven't had a modem update. Does it do anything special? Also just want to wish everyone and there loved ones a very...
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beyond unhappy
A week ago I called customer service to upgrade my package because my monthly limit was close and needed to upload some important informa...
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Misleading info
ordered direct tv service and was encouraged to consider adding exede internet service, so they transferred me to exede and I was given a...
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Data issues
I am having the same issues with my data usage being used up. I actually have to buy more data every month just to do my school work onli...
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