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Viasat 2 Updates!
Love this blog on Viasat 2!! I'm so curious about it, thanks for keeping us all updated. I am on the Freedom plan and LOVE it so as you c...
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A lot of complaining on here, so just wanted to say I’m very pleased with my new modem/router. I’ve been getting readings of 17-20 mbps ...
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Is HughsNet any better?
I've had WildBlue (Exede) since July 2011.  For 6 years I've never had speeds in excess of 3.2 down and .03 up.  Early on, I reported thi...
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Fix yourselfs
I agree with everyone on here. So If there are so many complaints why don't you do something to correct the issues people are having. I s...
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Contract was not signed
HI ALL......This service was sold to me with nothing but a bunch of lies. I have complained and the way they do business is atrocious. Ev...
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