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Phone call about router
I received three phone calls from someone saying they are Exede saying my router is giving error messages. Does not leave a message if yo...
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Termination Fees
Rip Off Rip Off Rip  Rip Off- charging me $300 fee to cancel a service that never worked from the beginning - STAY AWAY from this company 
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Service trouble
Your going to tell me that i have fought all weekend with trying top do something on my computer ? that is takes 94 mins to get a webpage...
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Bad customer service
Why won't anyone answer the phone? Plus it won't hang up! I can't call out! For some reason our internet is not working at all! Please...
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PS3, 3ds, ps vita my experince.
hi just wanted to say first thing is that i dont have very good typing skills sadly :( (please dont do anything hate nor anything) anyhoo...
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