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Billing problems
Hello We have had issues from Day 1 as my records with you should doccument. I am making a last ditch effort to work with you and if Exed...
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Spotty connection
Very disappointed! I am a longe term user and a perfect customer who pays on time. As time passes the service got worse. For the past cou...
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No connection
This was supposed to be resolved already, but it's not. EVERY time we try to get on ANY site, a page comes up and says this server cannot...
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SpeedBost 25
When will speedboost 25 be available for beam 341? Online gaming sucks and I could really use the extra speed so I could stop missing out...
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Installation problems
My latest attempt to get my internet fixed:      Hi, I am so sorry that you are the person that is going to have to deal with this and I...
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