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overhead useage adds up fast
0.6 gb jumped to 0.12 gb with the ethernet cable unplugged for a few hours .this adds up pretty fast. and before yall start saying" it ha...
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Data Contol with Windows 10
I did a simple easy to follow video showing some basic steps users on Limited Data Plans can useĀ  to keep from going over their monthly d...
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Have a happy Thanksgiving!
Hope everyone enjoys a fun holiday with family. Thanks to our awesome moderators, champions and everyone else who helps make the Exede co...
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Data usage problem
Data usage at 100% in 2 days?? No way! First, don't get me started on the installation guy and all of those issues but we didn't start or...
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Slow speeds
Our data allowance runs out about six hours in. Then we're running on Liberty plus for the whole rest of the month. Our speeds are so slo...
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