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Amazon Cloudfront
I noticed that a substantial ( approx 1 GB) unexpected download occurred overnight to my Windows 7 PC. My Asus router attributed this to ...
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Fast and Slow
OOKLA ViaSat (RM5110R) speed test indicates 12Mb down. Test: Download 300 Mb pdf file at ~1 Mb/s (OK) Download 48 Mb mp4 file at 65 kb/s....
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Nearing 1 year of service
At first with gaming online, we quickly understood that "split second" gaming was out of the question. No big deal. I am happy with my se...
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Worst internet ever
This is the worst internet ever. They make you sign a contract and you cannot even watch freaking television. Their customer service is ...
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What is the pole sized needed to mount the Exede Dish? Bonus question what size for Dish Network dish, also.Local place keeps saying they...
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