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LEO Satellites
While I am still pessimistic about LEO satellite technology, they are creating a buzz. And I like the sound of lower cost internet. h...
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What is reasonable?
Well I know that for the Freedom (New) users service has been really bad lately, and I know that Viasat has a right to run their service ...
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FIOS Installed
Good afternoon friends,I was a 25 Classic Wild Blue and a 150G 25 Silver customer.When there is no other option for internet Viasat fills...
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Over data AGAIN
I sat down at my computer last night and my internet was painfully slow ... as usual,  Then I get the redirect.  I am over data ... AGAIN...
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Freedom 150 now @ 1mps
I received an email from Viasat in January like many others. It does not appear to say that my 12mps speed would drop to less than 1mps. ...
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