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Scam Email BEWARE
Below is the pasted text from the scam email I received this morning. I've already forwarded it to Exede, just putting it here so others ...
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Slow speed on freedom
I have had Exede freedom plan for less than 48 hours. My download speed is .7 - 1.3. This is terrible. Speeds were better with Dish Net...
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Wow don't know what's going on. Guy called and MAY get optic fiber after all. But coming home from town and they weren't there when we we...
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Great Service
Hello, I use to be a dsl customer in my area. Over the last month, I had issues with the company not wanting to repair the lines. I res...
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Blocking websites?
So, for the past few days now it has been impossible to do anything, I can't access Steam to play my video games, I can't access my VPN, ...
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