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Interesting Survey
So a little birdie says ViaSat might be looking to either develop or partner with a media management system. Similar to some paid progra...
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Good Afternoon, I wanted to post another review. I have been seeing speeds as high as 60MBps on gold 30 on VS1.  So far the service is ...
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EasyCare price increase
Just got an email from Viasat stating that EasyCare is going up to $8.99 per month. What do you all think? Is it still worth it? I still ...
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New Beams Opening!
Hello Everyone! As most of you may already be aware, ViaSat-2 has been slowly releasing in new areas for the better part of the last m...
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V2 Modem update last night?
So, I'm away from home... and I lost connectivity with my house at 2:45am EDT this morning (7/3/18).  Can anyone tell me (So I don't worr...
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