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99 Kbps Speed
since several days I have about 99 Kbps. On Christmas I have had 9,4 Kbps. Promised was 60 MB! I am paying 200 $. The best performance I ...
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Deceptive Advertising?
So you think Viasat is unique in its deceptive advertising? Or you think advertising ethics have gotten worse over time. Well, think agai...
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So Long, Farewell
First of all, I would like to thank Viasat for 13+ years of reliable satellite internet service. While there have been times I have been...
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Viasat is Brilliant
Viasat's business strategy towards residential customers is brilliant. For a long time now, the data pigs have been stuffing themselves o...
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What is a torrent and will it reduce data downloads on Viasat? Is it useful for downloading videos? Does Viasat discourage torrent downlo...
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