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currently have (viasat) exede satellite internet service.  can viasat intatll another dish and point them at different satellites?
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Fast and Slow
OOKLA ViaSat (RM5110R) speed test indicates 12Mb down. Test: Download 300 Mb pdf file at ~1 Mb/s (OK) Download 48 Mb mp4 file at 65 kb/s....
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Modem keeps cycling
The modem periodically resets itself multiple times in a row. We will have a good connection, and then the modem resets itself, and a fe...
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sat internet in cub i have contacted viasat they say we dont offer services does any one known which provider give service and is  it pos...
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Forgot admin account password
What is the work around when you call in to Care and can not remember the password for the admin account?Support just won't ...
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