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EasyCare decision
I am nearing the end of my 3 months of free EasyCare and considering whether to keep or cancel. I read the service agreement again and i...
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When I signed on for a LONG two year contract with this company, I was told I would be getting a rate for a full year as a discount since...
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Disappearing data?
Reading a Windows discussion board:» ··· rts.html...Microsoft has created a mirage for users of Windows 10 Home, ...
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Live chat problem
Why does it disconnect if I don't respond within one minute? I was chatting with an agent and she had to do a little research that took a...
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I am currently on the Freedom 150 plan with 12 Mbps. I rarely get about 1Mbps. My only plan options are to switch to Liberty 25 or Libert...
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