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Exede Internet-Classic


Photo of Beth Koester
Slowest internet. Just found out we should’ve had our internet service updated a long time ago.....AND no one even let us know, until we...
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Photo of Troy Carter
Glad to note that the issue of slow speed has been resolved. Did exactly what Brad suggested by emailing viasatlistens@viasat.com and rea...
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Photo of ATJ8572
Silver25 vs Liberty30
 I have been a customer around 5 months & have not had any issues really, other than MY OWN memory & the HOW TO'S. Well, I called in toni...
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Photo of Wanda S
Wildblue/Exede classic
I've had Wildblue/Exede for 10 yrs and never had any problems getting a hold of them when I would have an issue. Over the years, the serv...
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