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Photo of brella
Slow speed on freedom
I have had Exede freedom plan for less than 48 hours. My download speed is .7 - 1.3. This is terrible. Speeds were better with Dish Net...
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Photo of Hank L
Super Slow Speed
 What is going on with the SLOW speed. I know you state "up to" but come on a speed of under 2 in the evenings is unacceptable! If I call...
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Photo of Jakster Jammin
Daily Speed Test Posts
I'm going to post my "daily speed tests" here, they will be during peak, and non-peak times. Feel free to post your speed tests here as w...
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Photo of Cody Langford
Unhappy with Viasat
I've had Viasat for years and unfortunately they know just as well as us that we rural people don't have many options. I could write a bo...
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